Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Eyes have it!

Teeter Totter is the newest addition to the Babe brigade.

A new style and I am quite addicted already:)

I've always leaned towards the classic styles of bears: bare bears (grin) and big bows. Subtle shading for character appeals to the frustrated artist in me! But I am enjoying trying the more animated eyes of contemporary styles. I just find myself grinning from ear to ear at the expressions that take shape.

He's an original design, new to 2009...and as much as I will try, I probably won't be able to duplicate him. Seems I am always tweaking my new designs so no two ever manage to look alike.

Like people I guess. There are only so many faces to go around, but it is the tweaking that makes us all so unique!

Welcome to the Babe hug, little Teeter Totter!


Mia Sophia said...

Very pretty little bear!

Julie said...

What a sweet bear!
Happy New year
x Julie x