Sunday, January 18, 2009

It got to my heart.

Watching the Inauguration coverage a bit. Tearing up a bit. Proud of my country a lot. Hopeful...tremendously. Amazing history being made.

I've seen a lot of history. And it has always given me a very quiet, personal sense of gratitude and pride that because of the era I was born in (1950's) I have watched astounding changes come over the country/world/universe/society. I guess everyone thinks their generation is the most magical, and that is probably how it should be, but today while I was watching a bit of the Inauguration coverage, I got choked up!

This is an incredible moment in history for a country that, inspite of its forward thinking and brash boldness, has fallen painfully behind in some aspects of prejudice and fear, racially and gender-wise. And I am living in it. I am experiencing it. I'm not reading about it in books. I am HERE.

I will admit that I wanted a woman in the White House. A particular, specific woman I was very proudly backing, cheering and defending. She fell a bit short and that history will wait for another magical moment. However, I knew that when she didn't get that brass ring, the man who did would be extraordinary, given the chance.

He was given the chance. No, he earned the chance. With intelligence, grace, drive, focus...and did I mention intelligence?

I have renewed hope and faith in my country to right some wrongs, correct some mistakes and turn life around for millions of people who have felt betrayed, ignored and shafted by this soon-to-be-out-of-there-THANK-GODDESS administration. (small moment of deadened silence for my true feelings to seethe in quiet curses)

New mistakes will be made, of course. Not all promises will be kept to the letter. The struggle will be fraught with potential roadblocks and power plays. THAT will never change.

But the sheer wonder of having the first President of African American heritage, raised by a unique and determined white mother/grandmother, (a true portait of the melting pot that is the real America)climbing up the same tall ladder that is within reach for so many of us and doing it with intelligence and class and dignity...well, it gets to my heart.

The hope is reborn. It's refusing to be extinguished by the cynical, ugly turns the world can and has taken so furiously.

My heart kind of aches. In a good way.


customteddys said...

I felt the same sense of gratitude and awe watching the same coverage last evening. Goosebumps and a huge lump in my throat. Thanks for writing so eloquently about the experience. Vicki-Custom Teddys

Nin said...

I share your shivers, tears and hope. It's been such a ride for the last decade - up and down like a living rollercoaster, ending up bouncing along the bottom of a steep decline. But with this new shift, there's such a sense of hope. Not the least of which is an amazing energy and unity, with so many of us ready to do what must be done to make the changes we so desperately need to get back on a track of Right Action. Greed has been the rule and it's led us down a slippery slope to fall in a sorry heap at the bottom. I'm hopeful for a change that will let us find our way back to the principles this noble and amazing country was founded on. I think, if we all work together to create the change we need, we can do it. Thanks for your comments, Sudey.

Nancy said...

I, too, have high hopes for our country. So important to leave it better for our children.
I have tagged you to write 6 random things about yourself. Details on my blog.

Jenny Lee said...

Hi Sudey!! I hope you don't mind my passing along a blog award that was given to me. You can see the details on my blog
Beary Hugs,