Sunday, February 8, 2009

Road Trip!

I was off on the highways yesterday appreciating the beauty of true winter...while warm and toasty in my trusty vehicle "Bud" (does anyone else name their cars? I have since my first ugly boat of a Ford Fairlane when I was 21!)

Fighting off the typical sniffles of the season, I passed through some pretty impressive scenery along the way. Very white, very artistic, very postcard-worthy winter. Though the sun wasn't glaringly throbbing in the skies, it was bright and uplifting. When I looked up into the tree covered hills I could hear the peace. Yeah, a blanket of calm.

I also passed what looked like a fabulous sled riding hill that a handful of kids were taking advantage of and coming as close to non-wing-powered flying as you could as a human being with nothing but a red rectangle of plastic to aid them. Oh boy, the memories.

I guess I am a true Yankee. I love the look of the world in snow-white winter. I can suck in the chill in the air and feel momentarily envigorated and see a great deal of beauty in that certain heavy gray of a winter sky. My day job gets me out into the cold air enough so that I can appreciate the respect one must give Old Man Winter. And I absolutely adore the down firmly lining my coat! But we must have the cold to appreciate the heat, and vice versa. Well, I must anyway. It's in my soul :)

The balance of the world's seasons has always put me in awe of Mother Nature.

I love to hibernate. (with plenty of soup and Oregon Chai in the kitchen!)

I must be part bear as well as loving to create the warm fuzzy Ursine beasts.

The first breath of Spring and the ferocious fortitude of flowering spring buds would only be a fraction as glorious if it weren't for the wintry cavalcade of temperature and snow flakes.

But of course I say that from the toasty warm confines of my efficient little CRV or wrapped in fleece blankets on an oversized couch. (grin) But, no. Winter gives me a handful of weeks to enjoy the sanctuary of calm that nature awards us to slow down, cuddle up, rejuvenate and just rest a bit before the bursting of her next fabulous bubble of Spring.

Which willl of course bring on a different kind of Road Trip with equal amounts of awe :)

Happy Winter while it lasts lol.


Kelly said...

I do name my cars! My first car was a 64 Buick Le Sabre that was pink! I called it Wild Cat, I had an Audie named Crudmucker and my Sonata is the Silver Bullet!

I love a good road trip! I envy you, I can't go out in winter very much anymore because I have asthma and cold is my worst trigger. It's a shame too, because I live in Colorado where winter is beautiful.

I loved reading about your trip! Happy trails, Kelly

S. K. Gray said...

Colorado...I hope someday to take in the beauty of that winter (other than passing through Denver airport!)

For some reason I always named my cars after guys! Maybe I like tha fact that I can control them with the right *key*. "Esteban" was my first, the big boat blue Ford Fairlane. Then Monty, and Hank the Horizon :). Bud has always been my favorite though.

Be safe out there!

S. K. Gray said...
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S. K. Gray said...
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